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TeamsDNA® by Lumenii Talent Management South Africa

Assessments and an expert-led workshop to align your team, people and vision

Download the TeamsDNA Solution Overview

Get the Most from your People with TeamsDNA®

Each individual completes a short assessment covering all areas of potential, with immediate feedback. Individual results are combined into a comprehensive team report.

A team elevation workshop translates these insights into greater self-insight, enhanced performance and better cohesion.

Example report showing how effective your organisational team is
Teams DNA explained on which staff members are valuable to your company

Key Benefits of TeamsDNA®

Scientific insights to reliably inform the best talent decisions.


Understand what makes your team work well and what you can do to help your team perform even better in future


Understand if your team work together as a cohesive unit and empower them to effectively face challenges

Blind Spots

Assess whether skill gaps exist within your team that need to be addressed exist to achieve business objectives


Measure your team’s potential and competencies to perform at the level you need them to in the business
Steps taken to find your organisational teams DNA and how they operate best

What is Measured in your TeamsDNA Report?

40 minutes per assessment with instant individual results.

Individual Motivators

Uncover what energises your employees to understand what drives their behaviour. With this, managers can more easily foster development.

Individual Motivators provide objective feedback into what drives and engages employees. These insights enable employees to be managed proactively and effectively.

Role Preference Within Teams

Identify preferred roles to provide insight into how your team can collaborate most effectively.

Insight into role preferences informs how the team will work together. Employees will better understand their own preferences, as well as how to engage with similarly and differently motivated team members.


Understand your employee's strengths and weaknesses. Each competency shows how much aptitude the individual has for further development.

Competencies are the building blocks of behaviour and effective performance. Understanding the individual's and team's competencies informs their most natural strengths and development opportunities - the starting point for growth. 

Learning Agility

Measure whether employees have the qualities and potential required both now and in the future to effectively fulfil their role and take your organisation forward.

Learning Agility is the ability to develop effective new behaviour in the face of change and complexity. Research shows it is the largest contributor to job performance and a critical factor in effective leadership. 

Objectively measuring Learning Agility is the first step to developing the agility of your team.

Ooba case study on how managing their team's DNA made an improvement

“ooba uses TeamsDNA to analyse our teams and make talent decisions. Everything from leadership development to performance management and team restructuring is underpinned by objective data.

We are more cohesive and more effective as a result."

Linda Roos, Group Head of Human Capital at ooba

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