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Learning Agility Assessments for Selection and Development

Learn how to measure, understand and develop the Learning Agility and future potential of new hires, employees and leaders.

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What is Learning Agility?

Learning Agility is the ability to develop new effective behaviour quickly and flexibly, based on new experiences, and then to apply this behaviour successfully. 
 Learning Agility indicates whether you have the potential to generally learn new things quickly; it can be measured and developed.


Learning agility dimensions model
ENSAfrica shares how learning agility has improved their graduate recruitment

"Learning Agility has been a game changer for us. Before we actively measured it, we didn’t realise what we didn’t have."

Lebitso Mokgatle, HR Executive at ENSafrica

Applying Learning Agility in Your Organisation

Learning Agility Assessments for Selection

Learning Agility is the strongest predictor of future performance. Objectively measure Agility as an integral part of your selection process.
infographic showing preferred roles for job placement
graphic showing how competent the potential employee is

Learning Agility for Development

Grow the effectiveness of individuals, leaders and teams within your organisation. Measure current Learning Agility and find out growth potential.

report showing what type of agility your staff member has
sample report showing growth potential in a candidate

Learning Agility Assessments for Talent Management

Benchmark a clear overview of the agility of your organisation. Use the Learning Agility Scan to measure potential, ambition and behaviour for agility, including 360-degree feedback. 
sample report showing strengths and weakness
sample learning agility score


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